Tips for Vetting a Prospective Termite Control Company

When your home has nearby trees, or plenty of timber/wood structures, termites are likely show up uninvited. Many homes that are not well-protected are at the risk of termite infestation--a menace that can lead to costly damage to structures. Even commercial and industrial establishments that have wood or timber structures are at risk of infestation. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the threat of termites, usually with the help of a professional pest control company. Click here to get started.

In case you're considering hiring a pest control service for help with the extermination of termites, here are a few tips that can help find the right one:

Ask About a Guarantee

Certainly, your hope is that a termite control company will do its job perfectly the first time. So, you don't expect that, after extermination and prevention measures have been put in place, the crazy insects will rear their ugly faces again. A pest control company that's sure it can deliver on your expectations will find it easy to give you a written guarantee.

A guarantee can cover from one to five years depending on your specific contract. No matter what, ascertain that the terms of the guarantee are clear, in that you know what to expect from your pest control company as well as what remedial measures the company is obligated to implement without charging you in case the results of their termite elimination do not meet your expectations.

Ask for Certification and License

Ask the termite control company to prove that they're licensed to offer pest control services. Their team should include certified pesticide applicators or technicians with the right training and qualifications for this particular line of work.

Ask About the Treatment Methods that Will be Used

You may prefer that a termite control company does not rush to use chemicals to deal with the termite infestation. But there are situations where pesticides need to be used for effective results. Whichever the case, seek written information about both chemical and non-chemical termite control strategies that will be employed. Specifically, learn about the pesticide products that the company hopes to use on your home or property.

Ask About Follow Up Inspections

Is the termite control company willing to come back to your property within a specified period and conduct an inspection to be sure that the job was done right? Any expected routine inspections should be included in the contract you sign with your pest control service.